Hardware Connection images

SAM III connections


Typical connections for the SAM from Veeco/Digital Instruments. The images shows the SAM III, connected to a Dimension 3100 AFM. These connections may be different, depending on the controller, AFM, and SAM versions. The switches in the image are in the position for ImAFM™ (left for ImAFM™, right for normal AFM).

Nanoscope III and IIIa Trigger Access


Remove the 4 screws in each corner of the lid on the NS-III or NS-IIIa controler.


Connect the End of Line (EOL) and End of Frame (EOF) triggers to the BNC connectors on the circuit board as shown. The images shows cables which bring the these connections to BNC bulk-head connectors mounted on the front panel of the controler.


BNC bulk-head connectors giving access to EOL and EOF connectors on the front panel.

Nanoscope V Connections


The connections to the SAM-V from Bruker are identical to the SAM modules from DI and Veeco. However, these SAM modules can not be used interchangably.


The EOL and EOF triggers are on the front of the NS-V controller. Make the connections as labeled in the image.

JPK Nanowizard III Connections