Multifrequency AFM
Upgrade your Atomic Force Microscope with multifrequency capabilities
Kit contains: the Multifrequency Lockin Amplifier, base software package (GUI) and the signal access module.
    Features include:
  • Amplitude and phase imaging at all frequencies
  • One-click cantilever calibration
  • Open file format, Gwyddion compatible
  • With amazing customer service, I have designed several non-standard dynamic AFM experiments thanks to MLA. I would definitely continue to use their services and recommend them to others in future.

    — Abhilash Chandrashekar, PhD student, TU Delft

New life to your AFM

Give state-of-the-art capabilities to your existing microscope. The IMP MF-AFM kit contains a lockin amplifier (MLA), specialized software to synchronize MLA with your existing controller (IMP MF-AFM Sofware Suite), and additional signal access module if needed. Works with new and old commercial AFMs such as:

  • Bruker Multimode (also older Veeco / Digital Instruments)
  • Dimension Icon
  • Dimension 3100 (Nanoscope 3 or 4 controller)
  • Asylum MFP3D
  • Asylum Cypher
  • JPK Nanowizard
  • Nanosurf
  • NT-MDT
  • Park Instruments
  • and more

Read more about connecting to your AFM in the user manual.

Schematic diagram of the signal path for connecting to an AFM.

Multiple Amplitude and Phase Images

Acquire multiple amplitude and phase images in one scan. The IMP MF-AFM Software Suite allows you to quickly flip through the images so you can easily see where the interesting contrast is and further investigate these areas with the pixel and line inspector tools.

Read more about image viewing in the user manual.

Construct Your Own Multifrequency Mode

Any type of multifrequency AFM can be easily implemented. You can measure harmonics, intermodulation products, while driving at any frequencies you want. The Drive Constructor has a Python scripting interface for full control of the MLA, to setup the frequency, amplitude and phase of all drive tones, and the frequency of all response tones.

Read more about the drive constructor in the user manual.

Screen shot of the Drive Constructor panel of in the ImAFM Software Suite:  Any multifrequency measurement scheme can be programed with a Python script.  Tuning functions help to correctly place the frequencies.  Configure Drive sends the calculated waveform to the cantilever shaker. Configure Response determines the drive needed to result in the cantilever oscillating with the calculated waveform.


The software contains the latest advances thermal noise calibration methods. The calibration is performed before scanning so all subsequent measurements are displayed in calibrated nanometers and nano Newtons. The software displays useful benchmarks that help you understand your measurement, for example the thermal noise force [N/Hz1/2] and the noise floor of the detector [nm/Hz1/2]. Recalibration is easily done at any time and the software keeps track of all calibrations. Calibration of both flexural and torsional resonance is implimented.

Read more about calibration in the user manual.

Screen shot of the calibration tab after calibration is run on flexural eigenmode.

Extend with Intermodulation AFM

Extend the Multifrequency AFM Suite with any of the Intermodulation AFM-modes, our family of specially crafted AFM modes. Based on over 10 years of research and dozens of peer-reviewed publication these modes take you beyond the raw data to qualitatively and quantitatively new material insights.

ImAFM Nano-mechanical mode
Software package for real-time and off-line nanomechanical analysis
  • Automized setup for ImAFM
  • Point-and-click force curves
  • Conservative and dissipative force analysis
  • Dynamic force quadrature curves
  • Map material properties with 3D visulaization
  • Numerous force models, user defined models
ImEFM Surface Potential mode
Software and hardware extension for imaging surface potential (contact potential difference)
  • Improved sensitivity over KPFM modes
  • No potential feedback (open loop)
  • Measure surface potential at different DC bias
ImFFM Friction Imaging mode
Software for nanoscale frictional force imaging
  • Calibration of torsional resonance
  • Dynamic force quadrature analysis of frictional forces
  • Image high-speed friction, velocity up to several cm/sec
  • High spatial resolution, ~10 nm