Universal control of flux-tunable bosonic mode

Picture Dr. Axel Eriksson and a pulse sequence used to create a cubic phase state (experimentally measured Wigner function on the right).

I am a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, and my research is focused on superconducting circuits. My latest experiment focused on demonstrating universal control of a bosonic mode by using its intrinsic nonlinearity. We succeded by driving a resonator with a SNAIL nonlinear element with pulses at frequencies that are the multiples of the resonance frequency. This circuit can produce a Cubic phase state in just 60 ns, two orders of magnitude faster than the previous demonstration. I used Presto to perform these experiments and I would like to share my experience with Presto and IMP.

No more analog mixers:
Since Presto performs direct digital synthesis, we can quickly calibrate flux tunable systems without the struggle of mixer calibrations. The Presto "rack-in-a-box" product makes the lab setup and programming of the device very convenient.

Precisely timing the pulses:
The user support is amazing. At one point, we realized that our use cases required extreme precision in the timing of pulses arriving to the quantum chip. We reached out to IMP support, within an hour we concluded on a solution, within a day they updated their API allowing us to time pulses down to 100 ps and within a week we had integrated the functionality, calibrated our system and produced (to our knowledge) the highest quality cubic phase state every produced on any quantum platform.

In conclusion, I would recommend Presto and IMP. Presto is an amazing tool for measuring quantum circuits and IMP consistently enhance its capabilities with valuable features.